Dating MILFs for a newbie can be tricky business, but don't worry. We have put together the most comprehensive MILF meeting/dating tips page on the internet. Here is all the information you need to set you in the right direction for meeting up with MILFs for the best possible time. Remember to sign up to our MILF meeting network where we have thousands of MILFs waiting to hook up!

Be More Direct

You can be more direct with MILFs as they don't play games that younger women would, they don't care if they are seen as 'easy'. So you can speak to MILFs more freely and in a more direct sexual tone, she would respond to it very well.

Dress Smart

When it comes to dressing to impress MILFs, casual smart is the best way to go. No baseball caps or sports clothes, you don't want to dress like a MILFs children! Vintage clothes, designer clothes, and smart clothes such as casual smart shirts and chino trousers would work well. Remember even for a horny MILF you must stand out from the rest of the crowd, you must have her engaged. Be carefull not to dress 'too old' here, no sweater vests and conservative collars!

Speak With Confidence

Make sure there is a tone of confidence in your voice when you speak to a MILF. When dating a MILF this is very important, you don't want to speak using slang, speak eloquently and directly. It is important to remember on a MILF date not to be boring, she wants someone to have fun with, make complements and polite jokes and make her laugh. Remember to maintain eye contact.

Complement Her

Remember MILFs in some cases are desperate and craving for attention not just sexually but in other areas too. Complement her the way she looks, take notice of what she is wearing and complement that too. Complement the way her hair looks. If you are meeting the same MILF again notice any changes she as made to her hair and pick them out for complements. This will increase your chemisty with the MILF and lead to a better relationship. So remember complement!

Be Adventorous

MILFs love adventour, this means do things out of the ordinary, sweep her off her feet take her on sexuall adventours. Try new moves in the bed, keep her guessing. This will only leave the MILF to keep guessing and wanting more.

Sexual Fantasies

You and a MILF will both have sexuall fantasies, don't be afraid to talk about these, the MILF will probably have more sexuall fantasies then you and will be desperate to see them carried out. Be creative with your fantasies you will be surprised how MILFs take to them!

Let MILFs Take The Lead In Bed

A MILF is a more experianced lover, when it comes to having sex with mature women let them take the lead, just sit back and enjoy it. A MILF knows how to please and satisfy, MILFs know all the sex positions and what makes a guy tick. A MILF will satisfy your sexual desires, just let her do what she does best!

Make Her Feel Young

Make a MILF feel young and attractive, this means don't keep reminding her of her age or the age gap between you and her. Remember MILFs seek out younger guys because in most cases they want to feel younger. So be sure to complement her attractiveness and figure.

Listen To Her

Listen to what MILFs have got to say. Listen when they talk, value what they have to say, and present yourself as someone they should value as well.